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Love are Misaki and Stephanie

Love is a Japanese pop duo signed to Sony Music Associated Records and managed by LDHLove is the first of three groups as part of EXILE member HIRO’s project “Love, Dream, Happiness”, the others being Dream and Happiness.The band was formed in 2008 by former Paradise Go!! Go!! member Misaki Matsumoto, and quarter Italian Stephanie. The pair met through production agency LDH, when they were given the roles of the two vocalists in a dance performance group called Real Force. When the plans for this unit fell through, the duo formed Love.Both members had been in the entertainment industry for over ten years.They made their recording debut in 2008 with EXILE’s song “Love Dream & Happiness” from EXILE BALLAD BEST. Then,they released a cover of Zone’s “Secret Base (Kimi ga Kureta Mono)” as a ringtone (as well as releasing the full version in a special CD attached to the August issue of Gekkan Exile magazine). .A year later(August 2009), the group released their debut single, “First Love: Love Letter,” with this cover as a B-side. The group’s songs have been popular through digital markets, with all lead tracks from their singles reaching the top 5 on the RIAJ Digital Track Chart (including “Taisetsu na Kimochi” from their debut album Taisetsu na Kimochi which was not released as a physical single).



     [2010.04.14] Taisetsu na Kimochi (大切なキモチ; Important Feelings)


First Love ~ Love Letter~ Cover     [2009.08.26]     First Love ~Love Letter~ (First Love ~ラブレター~)

Second Love ~ Tada Hitotsu no Negai Sae     [2009.11.25] Second Love ~Tada Hitotsu no Negai Sae~(Second Love ~ただ一つの願いさえ~)

CD only   CD+DVD  [2010.03.10] Watashi Aumono (わたしあうもの)
[CD only]              [CD+DVD]

CD only    CD+DVD  [2010.09.04] Kataomoi (片思い)
[CD only]               [CD+DVD]

Aishiteru no one word     [2010.12.15] “Aishiteru” no One Word(“愛してる”のOne Word)

Someday Again     [2011.05.11] Someday Again~Mata Aiu Hi Made~(Someday Again~また会う日まで~)

Compilation / Other
[2008.12.03] EXILE – EXILE BALLAD BEST (#14 Love Dream & Happiness -EXILES)
[2009.12.02] EXILE-Ai Subeki Mirai He (#5 If ~ I Know~ [ Misaki sang as background vocal)
[2011] Vocal Battle Audition 3 (Still-Misaki solo)


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